Psychological Kinesiology is an added therapeutic technique for those people who have difficulty in believing in their own personal role  in the healing process.


We all have the power to heal, and the mind plays a big role in the healing process.  Specifically the subconscious mind. There have many studies on the placebo effect in the healing process.


This is technique can help people who have chronic pain, and need to imprint a positvie outcome in the subconscious mind,


Psych-K  was developed by Rob Williams.


As Albert Einstein said, we can’t solve a problem from the level of thinking that created it. Research shows that PSYCH-K creates a Whole-Brain State, which in turn acts as a kind of “gateway to higher consciousness,” elevating thinking capacity to new levels of functionality and creativity. 



  • a non-invasive, interactive process of change with a proven record of success for over 25 years!
  • a powerful process to change subconscious beliefs that are self-limiting and self-sabotaging 
  • this technique facilitates change at the subconscious level where at least 95% of our consciousness operates.
  • this is a body-based process that transcends the standard methods of visualization, affirmations, will power, and positive thinking. It is effective in the areas of behavioral/habit change, wellness and stress reduction.  Thus aiding the person suffering from chronic pain.
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  • Check out the work on epi-genetics by Dr. Bruce Lipton on You Tube, or

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