Upcoming Courses & Workshops

Course 1

Tai Ji - Chi Gung  


Where?  City Osteopathie Bern,  Christoffelgasse 3

When? Every Friday 15:00hr-16:00hr, ongoing! please call or text before     coming..   078 6854 99 80

Fee: 25 CHF per session or 6x 120CHF


On a drop in basis for the next 6 weeks...come on in and chi-up!           




Course 2

Spiral Stabilisation

Where? Praxis City Osteopathie, Christoffelgasse 3,  5 Floor, 3011 Bern 

When?  Each Wednesday evening, 18:00hr

Kosten? 25 CHF pro Sitzung oder 6 Wochen,120 CHF



Course 3

STRETCHING THE SPINE!! Longtudinal Osteoarticular Stretching


Wedneday evening is also Stretching Night at City Osteopathie Bern.


Come and learn to stretch specific vertebrae and relieve problematic back problems such as lumber lordosis, kyphosis, tension headaches etc..

Where?  City Osteopathie Bern, Christoffelgasse 3 

When? 19:15h-20:00h, on drop-in basis, please text me to reserve a spot!

Fee: 25 CHF per session




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