Bodywork with Caroline Ryser

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Quantum Osteo includes a variety of modalities of bodywork: Posturology, structural, visceral, cranial, fascial and bio-energetic techniques.


Private and group courses are offered:  

Structural Courses:


Longitudinal Osteo-Articular Stretching,


Spiral Stabilisation Spinal Strengthening Exercises


Energetic Exercises:

Tai Ji and Chi Gung

Jin Shin Acutouch Self-Help

Workshops are offered to improve the body's energy and immune system.


Psych-K is a therapy which links the body and mind . Psychological kinesiology can help people with chronic pain as sometimes the key to dealing with chronic pain lies in the subconscious. 

Quantum Osteo uses various modalities of bodywork to find inner and outer balance. Healing or wholeness can be found on the quantum energy field, reaching into the matrix of the body's fascia, realigning the posture, and allowing for the natural biodynamic rythmn to unfold.  



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"Leben ist Bewegung und Bewegung ist Leben"

Rollin Becker D.O.

"Life is motion, and

motion is life."

Rollin Becker, D.O.