Make the Quantum Leap!

Redwood Tree
Redwood Tree

Just like the metaphor of the "uncarved block of wood", a tree grows naturally seeking light.


Posturology looks towards finding out innate natural posture so we can have healthy posture, through the alignment of the feet, ankles, hips, pelvis, shoulders, cranium.  And the ultimate wish is to live a life in balance, without pain, and over-joint usage, even into our 90's.. 

Inside the Redwood
Inside the Redwood

A Quantum Leap! 

Following the method introduced by Dr.Bricot, an orthopedic surgeon turned osteopath and the discovery by Dr. J.P.Roll, posture is ultimately directed not just by the feet and spine, but much to everyone's surprise...the convergence of the eyes|


The eyes are receivers of spatial awareness and the feet, skin and jaw are the body's correcting extero-receptors/adaptors.


Thirty-five years ago, these doctors developed a pair of bio-galvanic insoles which send a strong signal from the bottom of the feet to the brain, re-programming the brain to encourage the body's innate proper posture. As well, convergence of the eyes are tested and eye exercices are recommended to balance any convergence difficulties.


The insoles are very thin so they fit into any shoe. At the center of each insole is a reflex zone that stimulates the skin to promote a more balanced foot stance.  This sends the correct postural information to the brain, and the brain can readjust the body's posture, hence more balanced shoulders and pelvis.


The results are astounding and wonderful. The body finds its natural balance. Their work has resulted in top athletes using them to finding the leading edge in sports competion, such as the Canadian Winter Olympic Team, NHL Hockey Players, and as well teenagers with scoliosis, where it is includes as a part of the therapy program at the Montreal St.Justine Hospital.


If you suffer from consistant migraines, back pain, Parkinsons, etc., or you are elderly and have problems with your balance and you have had numerous falls, you might wish to consider trying a pair of these insoles.


Thses insoles are a modality for re-education of body posture.  They are meant to be worn for one year if there are no permanent postural difficulties ie.such as Parkinsons, Scoliosis, TMJ cross-bite, in which case you would always have to wear them. 

Come for an appointment and test them, the results are instantly visible. Take a quantum step into healthy posture!


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