Longtudinal OsteoArticular Decoaptation Stretching

Longtudinal OsteoArticular Decoaptation Stretching is the technique of longtudinal stretching of the intra-vertebral spaces  along the spine.  


This focused technique of stretching was developed by Dr.Guy Voyer,  D.O. to create space in specific areas of the spine in order to relieve pain, encourage the healing process, and help with postural alignment. 

Specific stretches are aimed at intervertebral spaces such, for example, at L5-S1, or C7-T1 , anywhere along the spine.  Each stretch is held for aproximately one minute.  These targeted postures, or stretches can relieve pain, from arthrosis, neurological pinching, disc compression, and/or articular blocks.


According to Dr. Guy Voyer, the local effects of this stretch are zygopophyseal separation, imbibition of the disc, increased venous return, normalization of muscle tone (by extreme eccentric contraction), proprioceptive facilitation of the paraspinal muscles, and improved kinetic sense.


These stretches relieve back pain by decoaptation or decompression of the spine at the targeted areas, increasing circulation thus rehydrating the discs by increasing the synovial fluids. Posture is thus improved.

General ELDOA  stretch, final position
General ELDOA stretch, final position

Longtudinal OsteoArticular Decoaptation Stretching private sessions and classes can be organised.



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