Caroline Ryser

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Caroline Ryser graduated with her Diploma in Osteopathy from the Sutherland Academy of Osteopathy of Quebec, in 2007. Before this Caroline graduated in 1994 from the International Professional School of Bodywork(IPSB) in San Diego, California as a HHP, a Holistic Health Practitionner, which has been recognized  by the Red Cross of Switzerland equivalent to a Medical Massage Therapist. And leading up to this, Caroline completed her B.A. in 1988 at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.



One of the motto's of IPSB was "to help patients through times of transition". Caroline Ryser took this to heart and helped many clients in palliative care and helped women who needed support through the birthing process.



Caroline Ryser enjoys her profession. She realizes how important it is for each individual to take responsibility of their health in the best way they can, whether this be through bodywork, nutrition, or movement.


When a person receives bodywork, he/she is provided, through the focused action of the bodyworker's hands,i.e. release of the fascial/muscular/bio-dynamic tensions in the body to come into the  present moment.  The word healing comes from the root word, "to become whole".  A bodyworker provides the patient to be present in their bodies through hands-on therapy.


With the focus of hands-on therapy, we can become aware of the rhythmic beating of our heart, or the feeling of fascial unwinding of the pericardial fascia in our chest(tissue that surrounds our heart) or the freeing up of the diaphragm( our breathing muscle).  We are able to take a deep breath again, and we finally are able to feel our innate balance, or wholeness.  This is when healing occurs.  Bodywork  can help us to hear ourselves again, a return to wholeness of being.  And this 'human being" can then finds its innate rythm.


The art and science of bodywork can help to return us to a state of wholeness, soundness, and integrity, and hopefully be pain-free!  






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