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City Osteopathie Bern und Naturheilkunde

My practice is in the heart of Bern, right next to the train station.

Here I work with Charly Klarer, D.O. 

our address is Christoffelgasse 3, 3011 Bern, right next to the Loeb Take away.

Lorraine Spring Taylor, Acupuncturist

Great 5 element Acupuncturist!

Thunstrasse 22, CH-3005 Bern,

Tel./SMS: +41 (0)78 766 82 62

Maria Urheim, Kinesiologie





Living Tao Foundation

International Tai Ji foundation with Chungliang Al Huang.

Thomas Frank

Psychotherapist, Counsellor and Swiss "Heilpraktiker".

Psych-K "Pyschological Kinesiology´

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Rose Marie Doblies, Cantatrice

Rose Marie Doblies is a trained classical singer, and vocal coach.

Sheis available for private performances.

Cédric Vila 

 Diffuseur de paix

Une entreprise dédiée à aider les individus et les structures (entreprises, associations, etc.) à grandir grâce à des pratiques méditatives et plus généralement des outils de développement personnel et spirituel.


Massage Chez Vous

In Home Massage service run by Tunde Kovacs in the Montreal area, Quebec, Canada.

Anton Design

Best Hair Styling and Nail Design ever! in Pointe Claire, Quebec, Canada

Opto Chemicals

since 1982

 Researched, Invented, Developed and Made in Montreal, Canada and now sold into nearly every corner of the Globe . 

R & D, Development and manufacturing of products for treatment of optical lenses. Automotive issues as protection of dashboard instruments, and electronics as the latest LED's, from fiber optics to micro chips, as well as airplane dashboard applications, to the newest easiest versions of optical lens dyes, to the first organic non polluting total weed + grass killer, chemicals used in the kitchen, plus all the details on how to do it .  Over 394 pages of information on our products and news from the optical industry and much more. 

Dante Rubli, Artist, Sculptor, Inventor

A great sculptor !

Water is abundant in Switzerland. But not so around the world.  This is an excellent way to be active!  It is an organization which micro-finances ( micro-lending ) women to hook up their homes to mainline water. They no longer have to travel 2 hours a day to get water.

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«Die Terminplanung erscheint, wenn Sie auf den roten Text unten klcken.«

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Société Canadienne pour la Tradition Ostéopathie

"Leben ist Bewegung und Bewegung ist Leben"

Rollin Becker D.O.

"Life is motion, and

motion is life."

Rollin Becker, D.O.